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Indian Baby Shower Backdrop


Green backdrop - 8x8ft Big Yellow Garland with 4 bells Lotus flowers - 6 Yellow & white Garlands - 1ft - 2, 2ft - 2, 3ft - 2, 4ft - 2 Marigold Tassels - 6 Mom & Baby center piece with extra flowers

Combo Kundan Rangoli Stickers (2 Designs)


Beautiful rangoli stickers in kundan stones multi color , can be used with or without peeling stickers at the back .

Traditional Annaprasana decor


Includes 1 piece 4 * 8 white satin, 2 piece 4 * 8 green backdrop cloths 4 Red solawood garlands Annaprasana cutouts( title , krishna & bowl )

Lotus Backdrop 8*4


material: satin cloth 8ft height and 4ft width

Satin banana leaf backdrop 8*5


satin cloth 8ft height and 5ft width

Seemantam doll set


Seemantam doll set

Hand painted Ratham backdrop


Hand painted on table cloth, also includes table cover which can be used as a part of backdrop.

24 Marigold flower strings


24 marigoldflower strings

Anna prasana back drop


Very Beautiful decor for any traditional events .

Seemantham Doll Set


Traditional Baby Shower doll set decor for seemantham function. Includes 6 dolls and 9 thamboolam tray dolls.

Annaprasana theme Decor


Selling a decor backdrop piece, small size- enough to cover the infant baby for annaprasana decor. In the theme of mother/child swans with florals running through, and food cutouts dispersed theough the board. It includes : Gold Sheet, Mom swan and baby swan garlands, and Food cutouts