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pichwai annaprasana backdrop


It's a Traditional backdrop(only banner no garlands included) which can be used for any event...but I used it for my son's annaprasannam's 8×8 backdrop covers the whole decor. A small black paint was there on backside of the banner doesn't show on front as u can see while having that I used for decor.. Bought it for 4500 few months back

Anna prasana back drop


Very Beautiful decor for any traditional events .

Rangoli sticker


Traditional Rangoli: Handcrafted with Kundan stones and pearls work. These Acrylic Rangolis are a perfect art pieces to Decorate your home's wall, floor and entrance with multiples design on festivals and occasions.

Seemantham Doll Set


Traditional Baby Shower doll set decor for seemantham function. Includes 6 dolls and 9 thamboolam tray dolls.

Annaprasana theme Decor


Selling a decor backdrop piece, small size- enough to cover the infant baby for annaprasana decor. In the theme of mother/child swans with florals running through, and food cutouts dispersed theough the board. It includes : Gold Sheet, Mom swan and baby swan garlands, and Food cutouts

Kondapally Seemantham set


This is a brand new seemantham set from kondapally which is never used and added for seemantham decor